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Order a Book

SKU: ISBN #978-0-692-12320-1

Each copy of book will be in protective wrapping and securely boxed.


    The book is perfect bound, with 114 pages, 11 inches wide by 8-1/2 inches high, all glossy colored stock. Comes with order form and bookmark, securely packaged. Website ordering ships each order to a single address. For more than 10 copies per order contact us directly using the contact form and provide your phone number. We will contact you directly to confirm details. When ordering, you may pay with your PayPal account, or select "pay with debit or credit card" option.


    We use U.S. Postal Service for our shipping. USPS will deliver your shipment within 7 days of mailing. We can give you a tracking number for your package if requested via our contact form.